What do we stand for ?

Fairlark is a leading development firm, constructing and developing urban spaces across the western region. The Company’s projects include hotels, business parks, malls and recreational areas. The Company’s commercial expansion plans are ambitious and include the commercial side of the business with planned future development of over 25 acres for multiple commercial projects.

The group started its operations in 2003 and has developed more than 25 acres of built-up area across 45+ acres of land. The group also caters to different verticals in the real estate industry and currently has plans to expand its operations in upcoming years led by the directors of the group

– Keshava Raju and Madhava Raju


What makes Us Unique?

Fairlark as a business house we are into residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality, we partner with various specialists in respective fields and develop a product which suits the market requirements. We partner with clients using a unique joint development model and tie up with renowned industry stakeholders for ensuring the best quality. Our promoters share a risk management mindset – for every decision, we are a process driven & data driven company with a clear mindset.


What makes FairLark Unique?

Fairlark is a real estate hub project with a difference. This is one of the first projects to be developed under our Joint Development and Development Model. The development model allows us to customise the land to suit our client’s wishes as well as give flexibility in terms of building size and location. We also offer different models such as ‘Built-to-suit’ for organisations which do not wish to build their own property, but would like a pre-built or an established property. We also cater to Joint development requirements where we collaborate with architects, contractors and developers where we work closely with all parties while retaining ownership until completion.

What are our offerings?

Fairlark specializes in residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality ventures. Our expertise lies in developing high-quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure across various industries. For families, we build comfortable and secure homes. For offices, we create functional and innovative workspaces. Shoppers enjoy convenient and well-designed retail centers.  And travelers experience welcoming and modern hospitality options. By specializing in these diverse sectors, Fairlark plays a key role in meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers. This not only enhances the lives of individuals but also contributes significantly to the overall economic growth of the communities we serve.


Why Fairlark ?

At Failark, we are an enthusiastic, matured, and data driven company. Our promoters are visionaries with great clarity and have immense industry experience. This helps people partnering with us a great platform to start, initiate, innovate, and come up with the best development. Through a relentless pursuit of excellence, we aim to create diverse and inclusive communities that enhance the quality of life for residents, employees, and customers through various developments.